At Verismart

We are an Identity blockchain based infrastructure powered by Conversational and generative AI based CPAAS platform, which has been in operations from last 6+ years. As a Platform we solve three key problems, which is around:

1) Identification, Authentication & Verification
2) Data Privacy and Interoperability
3) Customer Interaction & Retention using Conversational & Generative AI.

VeriSmart helps brands to have cumulative data intelligence of larger enterprises in a decentralized framework We have more than 520 million user data pipeline coming from various POS companies, Payment Gateways, Telecoms, Banks, OTA & OTT platforms, Food apps, E-commerce and many more which sets us among top 4 ad network of India. The most interesting part is the data insights are built on real customers’ Financial transactional data in a privacy-compliant manner spread across 140+ data parameters

Our Services

Open Source - VeriSmart


Verismart also helps you standardize your KYC process digitally, using AI-powered tools to verify your customers’ identity and credentials. You can reduce the cost and time of KYC verification while enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction..

Decentralized - VeriSmart

Data Exchange

Verismart is a blockchain-based platform that enables you to exchange data with other parties in a secure, private, and flexible way. You can share your data with complete control over who can access it, how long it can be used, and what purpose it can serve. You can also benefit from the data shared by others in the network while respecting their ownership and preferences. Verismart ensures that all data transactions are transparent, traceable, and compliant with the relevant regulations.

Transparent - VeriSmart

Conversational AI

Verismart also allows you to create AI-powered conversational agents that can interact with your customers and stakeholders in a natural and engaging way. You can use our platform to design, train, and deploy your own chatbots and voice assistants that can handle various tasks and queries.

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MetaSmart ID

Verismart is on a mission to help organizations realize their data’s true value and ensure end-user privacy. We want to create a secure network where data can be shared and used for the mutual benefit of all involved parties. We believe that this will lead to a more transparent, trustworthy, and efficient business model that will foster innovation and growth.

Meet the team

Empowering Innovation, Unleashing Expertise: Meet the Team at Verismart.

Andy Smith
Saurabh Gupta
CEO & Founder
John Carter
Piyush Gupta
Chief Marketing Officer
Sophie Moore
Gaurav Gupta
Head-Apps & Integration
Lily Woods
Shanu Jha
Tech Head

Our Advisors

  • Ashish Bhatnagar (Ex-CTO, goibibo,
  • Hareendranathan EP (Ex-Director, Airport Authority Of India)
  • Kaveh Vessali (Partner, PWC Middle East)
  • William Bao Bean (Partner, SOSV)
  • Rakesh Kumar (Ex-Director, NPCI)
  • Navnath Wadekar ( GM, Vodafone)

Frequently Asked Questions

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