What is DolphinChat.Bot

DolphinChat.Bot is an end-to-end in-house Conversational AI platform that enables efficient automated consumer conversations. With our Level-3 AI ChatBot & VoiceBot solutions, you can convert more leads, boost your revenue, save cost and enhance customer experience.

DolphinChat.Bot allows you to build powerful and interactive conversational interfaces that can be embedded in any channel, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Web, WeChat, and mobile applications.

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Features of DolphinChat.Bot

Create a personalized hub to manage all your customer interactions, customizing the experience from start to finish

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Chatbots are the future of consumer engagement. DolphinChat.bot enables businesses to connect with customers in a more efficient and effective way.

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DolphinChat.bot helps automate the end-consumer conversations that happen every day, freeing up your team to work on more important things like sales.

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IThere is a limitation on the number of conversations a team member can handle, however DolphinChat.Bot can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously, making it ideal to help your organization scale customer engagement.

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DolphinChat.Bot changes the way your organization interacts with consumers by offering them 24/7 instant support without incurring additional man-hours or cost

Community Driven - VeriSmart

Language is not a barrier as DolphinChat.Bot provides multilingual support, giving your customers an optimized & personalized experience

To avail the DolphinChat services there are certain Dashboard features

USP of DolphinChat.Bot

  • Quick and easy to instalment, no mandatory cloud involved hours.
  • Well suited for any size of implementation satisfaction
  • No specialized hardware/GPU required
  • Enterprise ready scaling
  • DolphinChat can be trained on any language
  • Multiple intent deferment
  • Conversation driven development