A New Wave of AI-powered Innovation to Transform Banking

Conversational banking systems can help resolve a number of problems that are common in the traditional banking system, including

  • Long wait times
  • Limited accessibility
  • Poor customer service
  • Complex banking procedures
  • Inefficient manual processes

Overall, the Verismart platform can help you by providing customers with a more convenient, accessible, and efficient banking experience.

Verismart’s Conversational Banking is a key component of digital transformation

The need for conversational banking in the banking sector in India is driven by several factors

Customer Convenience

Conversational banking allows customers to perform banking transactions through natural language interactions, either through messaging platforms or virtual assistants. This provides customers with a convenient and accessible way to manage their finances.

Increase Customer Engagement

By providing an interactive, personalized experience, conversational banking can increase customer engagement and loyalty, leading to better customer retention and acquisition.

Emerging Technology

With the growing popularity of messaging platforms and virtual assistants, conversational banking is becoming a key technology trend in the banking sector.

Improve Customer Service

It can provide quick and efficient customer service, helping banks to resolve customer queries and complaints more effectively.

Increase Efficiency

Conversational Banking can automate many routine banking tasks, freeing up staff to focus on more complex issues.

By embracing this technology, banks can stay ahead of the curve and offer cutting-edge services to their customers.


What Stats Says?

Digital Banking has to step up its game and reform its business models to increase efficiency while retaining customer loyalty. Stats show that

  • 32% of Banks have already adopted AI and chatbots into their operations
  • 35% of Banking & Financial service companies save in customer support costs through Chatbot integration
  • 43% of customers deal with their banking problems by using a ChatBot

According to the opinion of 57% of surveyed companies, by 2023

  • $7.3B of the operational cost will be saved using chatbots in the banking sector
  • The use of these tools may help financial companies save up to $7.3 billion in operational costs
  • The use of conversational AI and chatbots can increase ROI with minimal effort
  • AI can save the banking & finance industry more than USD 1 trillion by 2030

How to use it across channels?

Chatbots, texting, video & voice calls and co-browsing — conversational banking involves diverse digital tools that prioritize customer engagement and promote productive conversation between client and agent.