Data Exchange

Blockchain Based Data Exchange Platform

VeriSmart provides a blockchain-based data exchange platform where brands can realize the true potential of their data by monetizing and exchanging data. The advantage of the platform is that it enables these transactions by helping the brands to keep ownership and not violate any privacy policies.

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Verismart’s Data Exchange Platform?

VeriSmart’s data exchange platform is a secured system that comprises data consumers and data contributors. Data contributors sign up for data exchange services and let the platform know what types of data it can provide. Data consumers can then access this information and use it to improve their products and services for customers.


Data Consumers come onto the platform, set out their data requirements, and can see which Data Contributors can fulfill their requirements. Instead of Data Contributors providing the raw data that they want access to, they are able to grant permission to query their data through the platform.

  • Fast, easy, and reliable process
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Help enterprises with Anti-money laundering check
  • Ensure authentication in real-time
  • Save time & complete the procedure in real-time

Who can benefit from VeriSmart’s Data Exchange Platform?

VeriSmart is creating an industry-first, identity blockchain platform for all data exchange needs. We are working with the largest players in various industries like banking, insurance, travel, health, telecom, and government agencies. VeriSmart provides the infrastructure layer for the industry consortiums where identity is central, helping all the ecosystem players to transact with each other using this central identity. Our platform enables them to exchange information seamlessly, thereby streamlining business processes and reducing the time and effort spent on transactions.